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The Ultimate Guide To All Things #Hashtags!

I'm back again with another blog to help you further your FEMPIRE! This time I decided to give you the ultimate guide to all things hashtags.

In my opinion, hashtags are overlooked and underused. Also, most people don't know how to use them effectively, that if utilized, could better help their businesses get discovered on social media.

No need to worry anymore, your hashtag hero is here to save you! Lets first start with the three types of hashtags. They're strategic/niche, saturated, and brand hashtags that you should be using a variety of in each of your social media posts.

  • Strategic/niche hashtags are ones that connect with local geo-based groups. For example, #allendalemoms, #201, #bergencountybossbabe. These hashtags are all focused on one geographic area. This helps you narrow your target market to people more local, which is the most beneficial for local businesses.

  • Saturated hashtags are going to be the hashtags used in about 5,000 or more posts. Using too many of these in your posts is going to make you a needle in a haystack. Try to stay away from very generalized words like #burgers, #boutique, #coffee, etc. to keep you from getting lost within thousands of posts, especially if you are a hyperlocal business.

I highly recommend using an app or software to store your hashtags. I use a website called Planoly, which keeps them organized for you. Alternatively, you can simply store them in the notes app on your phone. This will make posting much easier as you will be able to copy and paste your group of hashtags

(I recommend having at least 10-15) into the bottom of each of your posts.

The more you use hashtags consistently, the easier it will be for consumers to find you on social media platforms. The idea is the more you use them in each of your posts, the higher your market share of the posts will be.

People are more likely to click on your post/account if they repeatedly see YOU under their hashtag searches. We highly encourage you not to underestimate the power of hashtags. Consistency is everything! You might think it's arbitrary, but it's one of the key ways to win the Instagram game.

Creating hashtag groups can help you simplify using them. For example, if I was working with a full-service salon, they could use hashtags associated with categories such as curly hair, makeup, nails, etc. You can then create and store all your hashtag groups in Planoly for those categories.

How To Find Local Niche Hashtags?

Researching hashtags that other businesses similar to yours are popping up under is CRUCIAL to helping you gain better exposure in your local area. I always recommend looking for influential hashtags in the area to discover more posts that include other popular hashtags to use in your posts. For example, if I were to look up #bergencountymoms, I would look through the captions of some posts already using this hashtag to see if there are any other repeating hashtags I could use in my future posts that apply in my business.

I wanted to create this guide to show you how easy it is to use hashtags to reach a larger audience on Instagram by improving your hashtag game. I hope these tips gave you all the motivation to further grow your FEMPIRE and to be the #ulitmatehashtager!

Written by Alexandra Reilly

CEO of LadyBoss Global Media LLC.


LadyBoss Global Media offers custom client consulting, platform optimization, monthly management, content creation, email marketing creation and consulting, campaigns, social media event day management, photography, videography, and much more! Alexandra has spoken to many audiences teaching social media principals and tips customized for their field and has worked with men and women from many different industries throughout the United States and Canada.

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