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Social Media Needs To See Your Face

Social media marketing is not just about your business or product or service. It's also about YOU! Your clients may be super interested in your brand, but I'm here to tell you that to get the ULTIMATE engagement in your social media strategy, you gotta show your face!

Research shows that posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn that show faces are 38% more likely to receive likes/reactions and 32% more likely to receive comments! It's a gamechanger! With 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day and 46,740 photos shared on Instagram per minute, you HAVE to stand out. You have the tools, it's time to use them.

Don't. Panic. I've heard all the excuses and reluctance about showing “personal" or “connecting” or “sharing” types of content because most professionals don’t think this type is appropriate. That, or maybe you're scared to get in front of the camera.

However, that is EXACTLY what you have to do on social media to be noticed! If you're determined to create more engagement, it's time to stop hiding behind the camera. I know it's challenging to constantly show up and show YOU, but when you do, amazing things will happen!

Let's discuss the reasons why it's time to show your face and tell your story:

1. It builds brand recognition. When people see your face over and over again, they will remember you. Maybe it's your smile or your funky fresh style but they will come to associate your face with your brand! People don't connect with logos the same way they connect with people all the time, especially in a small business setting. Plus, people tend to remember faces rather than words, "Enter emojis". Just show up as your best self consistently and over time they will instantly think of your brand, your services, how you make them feel, when they see you!

2. It builds trust. It's not just about posting a random stock photo - or even a cute selfie. When you provide a face behind great content, naturally people want to get to know YOU. When you show your face, you become more relatable and that's a good place to be to start building new relationships. Giving your audience a way to see and connect with you makes engaging second nature to them. Also, people trust PEOPLE more than they trust companies. When your brand can share likeable, authentic human qualities, they'll want to buy from you (and hopefully even recommend your products or services to others, fingers crossed!)

3. It shows confidence. Ok, most people don't like (or are afraid of!) having their picture taken. I hear you. But check it out….confidence is contagious!

If people see that you are confident and comfortable with who you are, they're going to want to reach out and work with you! We'll call it the “it girl or guy” effect!

When people are able to see themselves reflected in a brand, it’s easier for them to see how the products or services can fit into their own lives.

4. It provides a way to interact. People love interactive content. Nothing gets people engaged with a brand like a real conversation with a human being, and when you can show your face in your marketing strategy, people feel like they already know who they’re talking to. NOTE: This strategy only works if you are vigilant about checking your notifications, answering your DMs and replying to comments and questions! This is truly the definition of engagement and you'll soon be on your way to building the strongest relationship with your audience.

So to sum it up, people WANNA SEE YOU!

I WANNA SEE YOU! Don't be afraid to be yourself, we'll all be thrilled to see the real ROCK STAR behind your brand. It's time to shine! Shake off the doubts, pour a cup of coffee (or wine), and get to it!

Written by Alexandra Reilly

CEO of LadyBoss Global Media LLC.


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