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The 0 Excuse Guide To Personal And Business Branding!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

First things first, what is branding and why is it so important? Clear and effective branding can be the key to the driving success in your business in differentiating and developing your FEMPIRE! Every business has a brand and it’s crucial to create one that best reflects your business. Developing a brand allows you to establish and differentiate your presence in the market to attract and retain loyal customers; creating a memorable image that your consumers and clients will notice and look for. This brings me to how you can successfully brand your business and the different tools to effectively do so.

Your brand is going to essentially be the blueprint of your business. It simplifies what your business does for clients and consumers, what you are known for, your reputation, and how you want to present your business to prospective clients. When it comes to actually figuring out how you want to showcase your business through branding, making a brand board should be your first step.

This allows you to organize each part of your visual branding all in one place. To the right is an example of a brand board to show you how simple and easy it really is. Trust me, there is NO NEED to pay upwards of $1000 to purchase a brand deck. Instead, look to Pinterest for some inspiration! They have effective and straightforward inspiration that you can use to help design your own brand board.

Figuring out your fonts, colors, graphic inspiration, logos, etc. is what will separate your social media platform from everybody else's. Visual branding also goes along with these as you want to have consistency in fonts, logos, and elements all throughout your business and social media platforms (this will make your business more recognizable!).

I also recommend using Canva (the pro version is WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!) to make any promotional pieces as well as creating logos and content for your brand. Another great tool is which allows you to download fonts this way you can keep your branding consistent across various apps.

This brings me to another tip: consistent branding is the difference between being mediocre versus impressive and effective. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!

Actively posting on social media is so important to establishing your brand and will make your message even more effective. In order to be noticed on social media, being consistent pushes your company further as far as reaching new target clients and daily reminders to loyal customers and followers about deals, promotions, services, products, what is the behind the scenes in your company, etc.

Building your business can be tough, but developing a brand and an effective brand board is a simple way to give yourself a visual guideline that will make your business and social media marketing that much more impressive and professional. If you love being creative as much as I do, I encourage you to have fun with your brand board and don't be afraid to push the limits of your brand out there as much as possible, remember it is YOUR business!


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