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How To Plan A Brand Shoot

This blog is dedicated to all of the things you need to consider before you plan that brand shoot. There's a LOT of preparation that goes on behind the scenes to make everything perfect. But not to worry, we break it down for you to get it done like the pro's!

Read on for tips, tricks, and resources to consider as you plan your brand shoot!

Own It

If you read my last blog, you'll know that your audience wants to see YOU! They want to see your face. If you want your business to thrive, you've got to share some of what makes you special.

It creates trust and adds a human quality to your brand. Show up, be authentic, and know you got this!

Book It

Are you planning to take the photos yourself or will you need a photographer? You may think it's way out of your budget to hire a professional, but I have some great news for you. Check out Shoott. Shoot offers customized 30 minute sessions with hand-picked photographers for any genre you want: social media, business, headshots, engagement, fitness, you name it. You only pay for the photos you love (as little as $15 per pic and the option of purchasing the whole gallery if you've gotta have them all!). This service has fantastic reviews and is offered in most major cities.

Plan It

The idea is to get enough shots to be able to use (and repurpose) for awhile, so organizing a must-have shot list is important. Do you need a headshot? A shot of you featuring a product? A "just another day on the job" shot? With this strategy, you're less likely to forget specific shots (and items) you need and you'll be way more efficient if the clock is ticking! (Tip: Keep your brand board (Can use a Pinterest mood board.) near so you can cross-reference your planning with staying on-brand.)

Map It

Off the top of your head, can you think of any places that might look great in a shot? Maybe your favorite park or a view of a perfect cityscape behind you. Wherever you choose, make it specific so you're not hunting around and wasting time.

Note: If it's a certain location, like a coffee bar or a hotel that you want to shoot in, consider their policy on professional photography. That shot might be better suited for a quick snap with the iPhone (make it quick!)

Style It

Before the day of the shoot, plan out different looks you want to shoot so you're not lugging around a ton of outfits. Obviously you want to stay on brand, but what if your brand is a different vibe than you have in your closet?

I have another inside scoop for you. Look into Rent the Runway, where you can borrow a show-stopping look for your shoot without the commitment. Simply find that gotta-have outfit, rent it for either a 4 or 8-day period, and return it with a prepaid shipping label. It's that easy and now you can play with fun looks you might not otherwise have on hand.

Time It

One thing (like you don't have enough to think about!) to consider is the lighting situation for your shoot. Lighting, even natural lighting, can make or break your shoot. Trust me, I've been there. As a rule of thumb, shooting mid-day with the sun directly above can be harsh and way too bright.

Take advantage of the Golden Hour -- a time shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. This is the best way to get natural, warm light that's flattering for any photo.

Now To Get It Done

When all is said and done, you'll leave your shoot with photos that showcase your services or products, your personality and your overall brand style. These are powerful tools for your business, because, as I've said, research shows that people respond to images far more than words, so putting quality images in front of your target audience is a no-brainer.

Your brand photo shoot has the potential to LEVEL UP how you're viewed in your industry. Own it by showing up how you want to be seen and don't forget the details! Now start planning!


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