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How to Get out of a Creative Rut

What’s one of the hardest part of being a content creator? Keeping everything fresh! Maybe your content feels uninspired, maybe your engagement is down, or maybe you just don't feel connected to what you are posting. All of us reach a point on social media where we struggle some days (or weeks!) about what we should post. I won't lie, sometimes it's rough to create fresh social media content when you’re posting something every day for multiple clients on multiple platforms. But unique, eye-catching content is what drives engagement and attracts new people to your world. You want people to be excited and curious about what you will post next!

Here are a few tips (and even a cheat sheet!) to help you when you're feeling stuck in that creative rut.

1. Begin Your Plan. To get out of a creative rut, you need to take action. Don't just sit around waiting for your creative juices to kick in, the brain doesn't work like that. Make a plan — write it down (I use my LadyBoss stationery — it motivates me!) Get into the mind-set that you are creative. Say it like a mantra or write down statements like “I am a creative person” and “I have creative ideas.” Repeat these statements, and set your intentions to ignite your creative flow. This combination of your plan and your affirmations will get you on the right path.

2. Lean on Your Strengths. Focus on yourself and your strengths and keep building your brand (and your FEMPIRE!).

Be inspired by other people in your industry, but don’t end up desperately wanting to be them.

Remember, you bring a lot to the table, you have so much to offer and you don’t see all the hard work, mistakes, low points, and all the other non-glamorous stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

3. Start Here. Revitalize your spirit and your social media by using one, all, or a combination of these ten ideas. These quick go-to's will help you reframe, refocus, and re-energize your social media posts.

  1. Review/Testimonial posts. Sharing customer feedback via social media is an excellent way to build trust with your audience and promote your client's brand.

  2. FAQs. Frequently Asked Question posts are a simple, and quick, way to share answers to common questions held by your client's audience.

  3. Describe your process. What makes your brand special?

  4. Highlight your favorite thing about your product/service.

  5. Offer behind the scenes footage of your business. This idea also makes a great Reel. See my blog "The Insider's Guide to Instagram Reels" on how to create great Reel content.

  6. Describe your business journey. When you craft a compelling journey about how your brand got to where you are now, your audience will remember who you are!

  7. Make a screen recording of your business website. Screen recorded videos can help attract more visitors to your page — it's so visually appealing!

  8. Share who your service is for — who is your ideal customer?

  9. Post a photo dump of your past week/month/year. A photo dump is simply a collection of images loosely connected from your own point of view. It's informal enough to really connect with your audience.

  10. Offer your opinion on a current industry trend.

Read through these tips — then mix and match! Each one of these strategies works to get you out of your head! Remember, stop comparing yourself to others and create content that feels right for you and your brand. Never doubt that you are the best you can be at that moment, but you always can grow and learn. This strategy is also meant to be proactive! Even if you're not in a social media rut, use these strategies to keep challenging yourself.

Written by Alexandra Reilly CEO of LadyBoss Global Media LLC


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