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4 Steps To Get Your Instagram -Ish- Together

New year, new blog! I'm back again with another blog to help you further your FEMPIRE! This time, let's talk Instagram. You've gotta get your 'Gram ready - no time is better than the present moment!

January is well underway -- how’s your Instagram strategy going? Maybe you put it off because of the holidays, or perhaps the idea of creating a strategy is so overwhelming! Did you know that over 200 million users visit at least one Instagram profile daily? - Whoa -

That's a lot of opportunity for discoverability and for potential clients to get to know you!

NOW is the time to get your Instagram together. Need help? I've got you covered. Read on for four steps you should do RIGHT NOW to get your clients, your strategy and your content ready for 2021.

1. Know Your Content Pillars: Sell, Educate, Entertain! What is your message? Make sure that your conversation topics have a clear direction; people should always know what you are talking about. Educate others on what you are promoting or selling. Catch their attention and entertain your audience through graphics, photos, and other killer creative content! You NEED branded beautiful content to stand out in the sea of others.

2. Get an Assortment of Photos: What photos should you use? My favorite sources include: - Ivory Mix: Instagram-styled stock images and quote - Pexels: great library of high-resolution hand picked stock photos and videos - Canva: custom graphics, photo editor and another great stock photo library - Professional photoshoots: utilize these when you can

But remember: some of the BEST photos are ones you’ve taken of yourself or of places you’ve been. Perfection is not always perfect. People want to SEE and get to know YOU, messy bun and all!

3. Create A Planoly Account: Are you familiar with Planoly? It's a 'Gram game changer!

If you read my last blog, you'll know I'm a HUGE fan of the program. Planoly makes Instagram marketing easy by helping you prep your content, plan your theme and schedule IG posts. You can also create custom hashtag libraries, manage multiple accounts, and create a cohesive social media feed, all from your phone or laptop! Planoly is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to your Instagram strategy. The basic account is free, so why not give it a try? Your 'Gram will thank you!

4. Pair Content and Create your Captions: First, assign a theme to your graphics based on your content pillars. Then, draft your captions for each post inside of your NEW Planoly account. Once you’re done writing your captions, schedule your posts through Planoly and get ready for the MAGIC! Don’t forget to double check your spelling and grammar and add those hashtags!!

  • Pro Tip: Paste your caption into Facebook to use the emoji tool to include your emojis, then copy the caption back into Planoly to schedule. You can also use the mobile version to include emojis from your phone keyboard.


Speaking of hashtags….do you find hashtag creation to be a daunting task? Why not hire us to create a hashtag vault for you for just $99?

Hashtag Vault Includes:

  • 6 categories of 10 hand selected hashtags for your niche (that's 60 Hand Picked Hashtags)

  • Creation of one Planoly account where we’ll input them to be stored for you

  • One 30 minute consultation to review and answer other questions.

Click below to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION

and get that hashtag strategy up and running!


So as you can see, a few simple steps can have you on your game in no time! I hope this list helps you on your 'Gram journey. Thanks for checking out this month's blog!

Written by Alexandra Reilly

CEO of LadyBoss Global Media LLC.


LadyBoss Global Media offers custom client consulting, platform optimization, monthly management, content creation, email marketing creation and consulting, campaigns, social media event day management, photography, videography, and much more! Alexandra has spoken to many audiences teaching social media principals and tips customized for their field and has worked with men and women from many different industries throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact Alexandra at

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