Monthly Management

Social Media Packages

There are three steps to

social media success!

We believe that there is three steps to social media success! This has proven the most holistic approach for all businesses in every industry time and time again for us! With that, the first aspect we look at is optimization. Optimization work is what lays the foundation for all of the efforts you put in afterwards to drive individuals to take action from your social accounts and posts and creates the opportunity to build the most meaningful relationships.

The second aspect we work on is consistent creative content creation which is our monthly management packages. This work is what sets you a part from the rest! This is the work that actually builds your relationships and puts you in front of your audiences and tribes on a daily basis always keeping your brand's short and long term objectives in mind.

Leaving us to the final step, advertising! Here we focus on which posts should be boosted on certain platforms in addition to discussing Facebook Advertising if needed to meet the clients conversion and exposure goals!

Even though this is the order in which we work with clients, every client is given an individualized and custom plan based on their status and goals.


If a client decides they want to purchase multiple months in a row at the same time in advance we offer an incremental percentage off depending on the amount of months they purchase in advance.

Example: a purchase of current month plus 1 month in advance 10% off, 2 months in advance % 20 off etc.


Travel Agency Owner

Alexandra is the epitome of a business lady hustler! So much passion, drive, and energy in this girl! I love working with her. She is very creative, has great marketing ideas and not afraid to roll up the sleeves to get it done no matter the crazy idea I send her way. Definitely highly recommend her for all your social media and marketing needs.