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Local Influencer Collabs

Influencer marketing used to be limited to celebrities and a few dedicated bloggers. But not
anymore! Now that the social space is so crowded, it’s difficult to know which influencers are
right for your business – and what strategies are likely to result in valuable endorsements.


How do you create an effective influencer marketing strategy? How do you find and connect with the right influencers to promote your brand? And how do you make sure that you’re investing your marketing dollars wisely?

LBGM has done the legwork for you! We’ve built relationships with local influencers who are
experts in the lifestyle, food, and wellness fields. We speak their language and know exactly
how to entice them to advocate for your brand. We also negotiate contracts that set clear
boundaries and expectations – so you’ll always know who is responsible for what and what the
exchange will be.

Success takes more than sending free things to friends and acquaintances. Let us help you
create an influencer marketing plan and develop ongoing relationships with the brand
ambassadors that will inevitably deliver social proof to your tribe.

Questions? Let’s schedule a virtual coffee chat!

She helped me stretch beyond my limits.

Alexandra Reilly has been a huge gift to my business! She is a master at harnessing the best of what social media can do for growing a business and sharing the tools and knowledge needed for various platforms! She helped me stretch beyond the limits of what I had previously envisioned for myself as an entrepreneur, and this, I think is one of her many strengths. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra to anyone looking to grow their business through a strong and attractive social media presence! She is super helpful and very fun to work with!